ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

No need to be rich ,to buy a significant contemporary work of art with regard to the art market. It is enough to want it, to educate one’s eye and to please oneself.

We have  always been sensitive to the emotion outside of words and the transmission in full consciousness to  our children.


We found with the art a love story rational from  a patrimonial point of view and crazy from a  sensory point of view


What  pleasure but what pleasure to share with others a passion, to build with them a heritage which has a sense(direction).


Can we  have the same smile by looking at our PEA  where our life insurance is ?


When we acquire  a work it is an encounter, it  raises our level of consciousness.It is like listening to music with our  eyes.This work accompanies us for many years   and maybe for  life.

We share it  with our children , it is there when we come home, we think about it, we discover it  differently every day according to the light of the moment, to our emotional state.