ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

We live and breathe art for you.

We started  a collection of contemporary art twenty years ago.

Literally absorbed by this  significant collection(quest)  coupled with the interest of profitable finance investment.Our desire today is to share this universe with you, to establish a purchasing strategy for you in interaction with your emotions.

Give free rein to our passion, while favoring / promoting the emergence of your sensitivity in the art: This is our commitment.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

The world of the contemporary art is a world so fascinating and dynamic as it is rich and complex.

Actually, to have an eye takes time, and it  can take a few years before understanding how the world of the contemporary art works.

In practice,

• How much time per day do you dedicate to your art?

• How many museums or galleries are  possible for  you to visit?

• How many collectors, artists, trustees do you have the capacity to exchange with ?

• Do you know the last transactions(deals) and the evolution of the market?

• Can you spot /identify bargains, forgeries(imitations), scams?

• When you look at a work which you like, do you know the questions to ask for a good


• Do you know the difference between a leader and a follower, « a here today, gone tomorrow » ,  « a here to stay »?

We propose  to walk by your side in the world of the contemporary art.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

To carry out an artistic monitoring , to cover the art fairs, to be known by the renowned gallery owners, to relive the artists’ studios, maintain the direct link with significant artists, we put our investment in the art at your disposal to guarantee you:

•  The knowledge of the movements « the amounts »

• The career / course and the progress/ rise  of the artist ( exhibitions in museums, ownership in certain private collections, representations in well known galleries)

• The artistic value /merit of the work in its segment/section/area

• The fairness/correctness  of its price  with regard to the market


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art


Who wishes to initiate ,understand the contemporary art and begin a collection.

Passionate with art, the right collectors

Who wish to develop and to complete/supplement  your collection


Who are eager to optimize your heritage or make an investment


Who  integrate contemporary art In their  development strategy.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

1. ArtSoaring contacts you and helps you to to define the frame of a relevant purchase for you (medium, current, aesthetic,  budget)

2. ArtSoaring identifies at the heart of the international market of the art,  and propose to you the works likely to correspond to you.

3. The work is then bought by you through /via  ArtSoaring

4. You will receive at your home the work via a specialized carrier


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

The moment where  preserving money becomes more difficult than earning  it and that we are concerned to see our savings melt away like snow in  the sun.

The acquisition/purchase  of a contemporary work of art becomes interesting.

The latter besides being a value refuge combined with numerous assets/attributes like pleasure, prestige, a capital gain weakly taxed and especially in these  very volatile times: be  real.


Nobody would dream of /even think of playing the violin without  ears, we  should thus not buy art without eyes.

Our works are at the same time unique(only) and representative.

We are going to let  you in  little by little to the mysterious world of the amateur art lover and the collector.

We want you to express your personality, your character.

A collection must always be authentic.

As any investment/placement/distribution  the art is not without risk, here as is elsewhere ,  the best attitude is to keep it  light. Only the indifference , the panache/showiness  allows/provides  access to life filled with  art.